lundi 16 janvier 2017

We are looking for new partnerships for the school year 2017-2018 (German and English)

Dear School or Academy,

We are a coed school called Sainte Ursule – Louise de Bettignies with primary, middle and high school located in Paris. We have 1600 and we are a Catholic school belonging to the Ursuline Network of Saint Angela of Merici. We started developing a new international plan this school year and we are looking for different schools around the world that will be willing to correspond or have interesting cultural, religious or linguistic projects with us.

Partnerships are the heart of our school system in Sainte Ursule:

When we are at middle school, our students have a subject called Ursuline World School in English, Spanish and German in which, not only they learn to exploit their linguistic and cultural talents, but they also gain new cultural and social perspectives making new foreign friendships adding values that we teach, such as tolerance and respect. When our students are 13, they start European projects on eTwinning with countries like Slovakia, the USA or Wales. 
They start writing letters to pen pals in Spain (we have three different schools in Spain) and we work with the network of Jesus and Mary going to Valencia in March to be received by families and students. They also go to some trips to New York, Ireland and Spain. When they are 14, they have eTwinning projects and pen pals with Wales, Poland, Spain and Indonesia (one of our Ursuline centers).

When they start high School at the age of 15, our students start to do humanitarian actions and exchanges in our Ursuline Academies in New Rochelle, Texas, Delaware, and Peru and in some prestigious Catholic and Protestant schools in Holland, Italy, China, and Spain. We are having other interesting contacts to think about in London and Chili.

We would like to collaborate and work with you if you would be ever interested. We are glad to meet friends and contacts to work with in order to develop values of social tolerance, fraternity, and respect. We are convinced that our principal mission at Sainte Ursule is to develop cultural intelligence.

You can discover more about us by visiting our blog or following us on Twitter @SteUrsuleGlobal. 

I also invite you to contact me by e-mail and to visit our website

Yours faithfully,
Inés Aniorte Diaz
Sainte Ursule-Louise de Bettignies

Coordinator of  Ursuline World School