mardi 10 janvier 2017

Quelles impressions ont les élèves sur l'Union Européenne ?

Avant de transmettre nos connaissances aux élèves, nous avons parlé de l'Union Européenne en classe. Premières observations : les élèves ont des impressions positives et négatives sur l'Europe par rapport à ce qu'ils écoutent à la télévision ou par rapport à ce qu'ils ont vécu.

Suite à une conversation sur un forum dans notre projet eTwinning, où nous avions parlé de notre identité dans l'Union Européenne, les élèves ont travaillé par groupes pour rédiger quelques conclusions en anglais.

Je vous laisse donc ici quelques commentaires des troisièmes :

What is being European for us?

Some of our students had a lesson about being European: advantages and disadvantages and, thinking of you, our dear friend Poland, we wrote this :

We let a lot of refugees come and live in our countries. Immigrants arrive in many countries in Europe. We build homes in France for them, so France is a welcoming country receiving refugees from many countries comparting to other countries in Europe. What do you think?

We have many European projects like Erasmus or eTwinning (as we are doing!) and as we have cars, buses, planes, and trains, we can have free mobility around Europe without borders.

To finish with, contrasting Poland and France, we think that our system has been European longer than your country and some things are really different between Eastern and Western Europe.

We have 15 grades in our school system and we learn English, German, and Spanish (some of us Chinese and Latin as well).

Pauline, Claire, Gabriel, Tristan, Alexis, Alexandre, Gaspard, Gaspard, Maël, Domitille, Emilie, Balthazar et Ekaterina. 

Since the terrorist attacks, tourism is going down. There is a lot of attacks in Europe and our country is suffering from these attacks. We mourned our people in Nice and in Paris. It was our National Day in France when the Nice attacks happened. Those attacks also affects European economy. A few people accept to come to our countries, since our countries are victims of terrorism. Security in Europe is doubled and there are more soldiers and policemen. French people are debating about whether terrorists should be in French prisons or not.

From our viewpoint, the Euro coin is also a kind of symbol in Europe. 

In France, we are having our presidential election soon. We are going to elect our president for 2017. On the left, we know Valls. On the rightm we know Fillon. 

Pauline, Guillaume, Inès, Hugo, Siffa, Maxime, Cerise, Anna et Laura

Author: Inés Aniorte Díaz