samedi 19 novembre 2016

Thanks to Ursuline Academy Wilmington - always in my heart

After 10 days in Wilmington, Delaware, I just can tell you that Ursuline Academy is one of that places that make you feel at home.

On Wednesday, our last day in the Academy, my girls did not want to go back home and I did not want to either, I must confess.

From the first day, I was feeling even better than at home. Everybody was always thinking if I needed something, helping me, and inviting me to a lot of important events.

I just learned about the American Ursuline Community in a touching, exciting, and emotional way.
One piece of my heart is now including one more school of the Ursulines. I will be glad to have this long term partnership and I just want to thank you all for making us feel like home.

See you in two years. And for some of you, see you in a few months.

Special thanks to my friend and colleague from the other side of the ocean, Amanda Neill. You are amazing and my master in this job. I will always thank you all you did for me during these ten days and I am looking forward to working with you in the long-term.

Special thanks to all who were with me during this week:
Cathie Field Lloyd
Carolyn Zogby
Ann Valerio, another very good friend in my heart
Lisa Clody
Karen Brinn
Dawn Davis, who I will see in a few months
Kelly Ponte, who let me discover my language in an American class
Andrew Schneider
Katie McMahon
Laura Huff
Monique Sharp
Susan Heiss
Lottie Johnson
Lin Nordmeyer
Sue Kampert
Laura Fodge
Marie Ferrier
Joanna Arat
Jenna Jackson

Best wishes and God bless you,

 Inés Aniorte Díaz 
Ursuline World School